There are multiple services that we plan to provide to guilds and to individuals, in the future.

Future Services

Legal Help

Starting a guild and helping members isn’t going to be easy. There’s a lot of paperwork involved with running any business, let alone relatively new business models like guild associations. We will help guilds file the paperwork necessary to establish themselves as non profit organizations as well as provide services to guild members.

Health Care

A lot of people look for various health care benefits when seeking a employment. Independent contractors do not have that option. They need to provide coverage for themselves. However, we can help. Establishing a pool of resources in order to help members is part of the purpose of a guild and we can help guilds provide that service in a variety of ways. This includes group health insurance plans and health savings accounts.


Just like with health care, independent contractors have to provide for themselves when it comes to retirement. We can help there as well.

Current Services

Web Hosting

We do currently offer limited hosting and setup for groups that are looking to start guilds. These initial guilds would be test runs. Think of it as a beta test.